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Memory quilts can incorporate most clothing types from cotton, jersey, polyester, linens and so on. You can also add photos, children’s drawings (I can scan them & print them onto Fabric Paper), blankets, poems & quotes… just about anything you can think of can be included in a memory quilt. It is an amazing way to hang on to the memories embedded in clothing, enjoy every day and wrap yourself in a hug. If you don’t have enough clothing I can add solid coordinating colour fabric to the quilt.

Memorial Quilts.

Memory Quilt 1
Memory Quilt
Memory Quilt

Memorial Quilts are made in celebration and remembrance of a loved one who has passed.

Baby Quilts.

Don’t throw away those stained or outgrown baby clothes. Can’t bear to part with your little darlings pants, tops & dresses but don’t want them ending up in a box in the attic or in a wardrobe, so why not keep the memories alive and pass onto your child when they grow up by turning their clothes into beautiful Memories Forever in the form of quilts, teddies or cushions.

Art Keepsake Quilts.

Memory quilt

Our children have vivid imaginations and they can creative the most artwork. Why not capture this art in an Art Quilt. You will pick out the drawings send them to me and I will create a quilt that you and your children will cherish. Photo’s are of a cushion, quilt photos coming soon

Gift Quilts

Wedding’s, Birthday’s, Births, Christenings no matter what the special occasion is give a beautiful quilt as a gift to cherish forever

Photo Quilts.

Create a special quilt with photos. A personalized photo quilt is a great way to show special memories.